“Food was great, their fradiavolo sauce is SUPER spicy and their gnocchi is amazing…they’re like delicious little clouds bursting with flavor.  I’d definitely come back and try some of their other dishes.”

- Liza R.

“OMG…. Absolutely to die for!! This restaurant is by far the best restaurant my husband and I have ever gone to… and we dine out quite a bit. From it’s small, yet obliging atmosphere, courteous, friendly and attentive staff, to the exquisite food superbly prepared….this has been, without a doubt, an unexcelled dining experience. Sitting amongst a group of dear friends, we all knew we were in for an indulgence when we took the first bite of the Stuffed Portobello Mushroom appetizer.   The utterance of  ”Oh my God… ” rang out harmoniously as we gazed at each other in amazement.   From there, the anticipation of how our ordered meals would compare was overwhelming…. We were not disappointed!
This is not a fancy-schmancy restaurant with astronomical prices and a menu requiring a dictionary.   This is a restaurant that impressed my friends and I so much that immediately after leaving, we actually felt the compelling need to convey our delight and urge other passer-by’s on the streets to eat there.”

- Nanci M.

“This place is great!  I had given up on ordering Veil from restaurants a while ago because it always seemed so chewy.  While at this establishment, I figured I’d give it another shot and ordered the Veil Marsala and it was absolutely fantastic.  It has been a little over a month but I am very excited for my next visit later this week!  I recommend that anyone that would like to try a new place in the North End give Pasta E Pomodoro a shot!”

-Dan D.